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Nathalie Willebrand is a Stockholm-based buyer for fast-fashion brand H&M, where she focuses on women’s and children’s knits. She is a former New Yorker, with a background in public relations and sales.


Before H&M, Willebrand worked as an accessories buyer for Oscar de la Renta and handled public relations for Manolo Blahnik. She has a self-proclaimed obsession with accessories, outfits, and travel, all of which she covers on her blog,


Meet Nathalie Willebrand
 Buyer & Fashion Blogger
Location: Stockholm
Interests: Design, sewing, dancing ballet, climbing, fun people, traveling, new restaurants, vintage shopping, small notebooks.
Background: After some time in banking and a year of fashion blogging, I decided banking wasn't for me. I said good bye to finance and went to NYFW in 2009. After an intense and crazy week, I knew I had to move to NYC. I came back in 2010, and started working for Manolo Blahnik in PR, and later was part of the e-launch of Oscar de la Renta's footwear and accessories line. I recently have relocated back to Stockholm for a major work opportunity as a buyer.


Favorite meal: Swedish crayfish with an Alsace wine


Recent purchase: One black and one nude bag from the Valentino Rockstud collection


Hidden talent: Numbers come easily to me


Book/film recommendations:Books: Perfumeo by Patrick Süskind, The Stranger by Albert Camus, and Doctor Glas by Hjalmar Söderberg. Films: Amélieby Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Me and You and Everyone We Know by Miranda July, Buffalo 66 by Vincent Gallo, Léon by Luc Besson.


Restaurant recommendation: Hôtel Costes, La Réserve on Eden Plage Mala in Cap D'Ail


If I had $20, I’d… : I would probably be in Paris and go vintage shopping at Free'p'star, then go out dancing in my new dress.


Transformative travel experience: My trip around Croatia in the summer of 2008 made me realize how beautiful pure simplicity is.


Favorite neighborhood: Vasastan in Stockholm, and the West Village in NYC


Dream holiday: A trip around South America for about three weeks—I'd go dancing in bright colors


If I could solve one problem, it would be: Travel comfort. How hard could it be? Seriously, I would start the “it’s in the bag” station inside the airport. After you check in you walk over to my station. You choose a fancy bag and then you interact with a screen where you check off all the things you want in the bag for your trip, such as a nice little facial kit, Polaroid camera, tooth paste, perfume, nail polish (matching colors for each season and destination), mini hair dryer, body oil, a pair of flats, heels and vintage sunglasses, etc. It would be stress-free and you'd be all set! But that's not all, I would probably redesign the entire interior of an airplane—private cabins, rouge velvet curtains, rubber seats, extra legroom, organic food service, champagne and a bar one floor up with a cabaret.


I wish people cared more about: Minimalism


Recent big aha!: That Pastis in Cannes actually took the concept from the New York restaurant!


The world would be a better place if: People saw each other as individuals instead of their genders

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