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Shauna Mei is the founder and CEO of, where she connects the best the world has to offer with the most discerning individuals around the globe. An MIT engineer-turned-media expert, Shauna has created a digital discovery shopping destination that allows niche brands to tell their story and engage with an inspired audience. Her mission stems from her belief in carefully curating a lifestyle of conscious consumption and living life to the fullest. She exemplifies the AHA lifestyle in a multitude of ways, through her love of travel to culture-filled lands, from Catalonia to Inner Mongolia to Romania; by sharing food and drink with friends, especially caviar, Champagne and watermelon (in no particular order); by celebrating life with an epic dance party; and in always remaining curious about the objects and ideas that surround us.


Meet Shauna Mei
Expertise: Living life
Primarily NYC, but I frequent London, Stockholm, Beijing, Shanghai and Seattle.
Interests: People. Whether it's art, fashion, food or design, what fascinates me most are the people who create when they are inspired.
Background: Born in Inner Mongolia, I have since lived in Beijing, Seattle, Boston, New York, Hong Kong, Stockholm and London. I live and create at the intersection of technology, fashion/lifestyle and business/finance. I graduated from MIT with an Electrical Engineering/Computer Science degree concentrating in Artificial Intelligence.  I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. After briefly working on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs in investment banking and private equity, I left to co-found the Aronsson Group, an advisory and investment firm in the luxury industry. I've always been passionate about wellness. A few years ago, I discovered an incredible brand called Casall, a Swedish designed wellness and activewear company and soon found myself living in Stockholm and serving as the COO. Now, I've finally combined all of my passions to create AHAlife.


Favorite meal: My grandmother's homemade bing (Chinese flatbread).


Recent purchase: Ten live lobsters for a dinner party from Chinatown for $80.


Hidden talent: Dancing, especially by myself.


Book/film recommendation: Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet.


Restaurant recommendation: Chef Pep teaching me how to eat gambas at Cal Pep in Barcelona.


If I had $20, I'd... I rarely carry cash, so I'd probably just use it for my next taxi ride.


Transformative travel experience: I spent a month living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, working with an incredible group of experts and doctors on pre-natal HIV prevention. The way of life in Thailand taught me to value the simplicity of life.


Favorite neighborhood: Getting lost around Sodermalm in Stockholm.


Dream holiday: I've been there many times but my dream holiday always hanging out at a new favorite island in Greece.


If I could solve one problem, it would be: I would solve people's fear of themselves (i.e., self-doubt and negativity), which I think stops people from achieving their highest potential.


I wish people cared more about: Themselves; and what I mean by that is that if people were more well-informed and aware of what was good for them individually, I think it would have positive, far-reach global consequences. For example, if people understood the constraints of our environment, we would all conserve more because it's better for us individually-and it's also better for the entire world. I think if more people lived this way, everyone would be happier with themselves-and we would all be happier with each other.


Recent aha! moment: AHAlife is a living and growing brand, and most recently I realized it is about creating a connection among people who think, care and desire to live beautifully.


The world would be a better place if: We were all more open-minded.

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