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Name: Afshan Durrani, Designer/founder
Location: New York City and India
Product: Hair, Print and High Forensic Collection pillows

Though not everyone would think to take inspiration for home décor from forensic science, Lost City Products founder and designer Afshan Durrani wanted to go beyond accents for your sofa. “I was looking to create pillows as pieces of modern art and push boundaries,” she says of her forensic-inspired throw pillows.

What inspired you to create the Hair, Print and High pillows?
I wanted to create abstract, modern art pieces, using an ancient craft. 

How were the pillows made?
For these pillows I researched forensic science and looked at crime scene images. Next step was to create artwork for each pillow. The final artwork was then perforated by a fine needle, which was transferred to stretched fabric on a loom, using indigo dye. I then worked with three artisans on the first samples, which for me is always the most exciting part. You never know what you are going to came up with. Working with hand embroidery is an organic process, it allows you to control and incorporate the little nuances and imperfections. Once our master sample was ready, it was hand finished and hand sewn. I try to follow processes that have been around for hundreds of years, which minimize any harmful impact to our immediate surroundings.

What was the big aha! you had while creating this product?
The fact that a tangled mess of hair and blood could translate so brilliantly as art.

Can you describe your creative process?
My creative process usually revolves around a concept which I research extensively through travel and books. I then translate ideas into rough sketches and work with my team to develop the concept.

What do you love about what you do?
That I have the freedom to express my ideas through sophisticated design, and that my work allows me to sustain a vanishing craft and bring to the luxury marketplace.

How would you sum up your aesthetic/design philosophy?
Pushing boundaries but rooted in tradition.

What are you working on next?
A line of hand woven and hand embroidered scarves for spring 2012.

What would you like to do other than your current occupation? 
Be the drummer for Radiohead or a writer.


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