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Some things in life, such as fine wine, Hasselblad cameras and Stradivarius violins, only get better with age. Tech is not one of them. Although we love and depend on our iPhone, we don’t get too attached, as we know that it’s not a long-term relationship. That’s where the Swedish leather goods company P.A.P. (Products and Philiosophy) comes in.

“My inspiration for P.A.P. was to create a product that was an antidote to the cold and impersonal feeling of modern technology. I wanted the warm and organic sensation of leather to replace the cold surface of a laptop aluminum shell,” says the company’s founder and designer Ulf Pyk.

Hence, about a year ago, he launched P.A.P. The company creates accessories for personal tech products that are made with top quality Swedish and Italian leather. Each item has been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in a small factory in the South East region of Småland, Sweden. P.A.P.’s iPhone wallets are made to last long and age well. They lend a sense of style and character to your tech at the same time as they shield your iPhone from wear and tear.  

With a background in cabinet making, product design and interior architecture, Pyk has developed a deep love of material and craft. The design process starts with him selecting a soft and beautiful piece of leather that inspires him. He then makes sketches of the design before creating a prototype, which is rigorously tested and adjusted. The last step is sourcing and selecting a hardware design that complements the product.

All P.A.P. products merge old-fashioned artisanship with modern functionality. Says Pyk: “I want my designs to feel good against the body and be objects that nourish the senses and the soul.” Sounds to us like the perfect companion.

We also offer leather laptop covers and iPad cases from P.A.P.

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