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We all have that favorite lounge-around-the-house T-shirt that is easy and comfortable like an old lover. But -just like with lovers- it’s not always easy to find that special shirt that feels just right. Not to mention looks good and fits perfectly (ok, lover analogy is now over, stop snickering!).

This is why we bring you Out of Print, a T-shirt line that combines highbrow design and perfect quality and fit with a really cool concept.

The designers of this line scour libraries and secondhand bookstores for volumes with beautiful, iconic or just plain quirky covers, most of them out of print (the covers, that is, not the books themselves) and reproduce them on 100 percent cotton T-shirts.

To spread the love of reading even further, for every shirt sold, they donate a book to a community that needs them through Books for Africa, a non-profit organization that has sent more than 22 million books to Africa since it was founded in 1988.

We’re offering two literary classics: Animal Farm and The Outsiders, both designed by graphic design star Mikey Burton. All come with tags that look—literally—like the old school library book slips that librarians used to stamp with a due date.

Animal Farm is available in both men’s and women’s sizes; The Outsiders is available in men’s sizes only. The flattering T-shirts hit the perfect zone between comfy and slim-fitting and are treated to feel as soft and worn-in as your favorite book. 


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