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About NudeAudio

Quite simply, we are passionate about providing you with the best styled, best quality acoustic accessories available. All of our products are compact, durable, Bluetooth-enabled, and rechargeable, so you can take your music anywhere, from your home, to the office, to the beach and abroad. We lovingly design and engineer our speakers to give you a premium product at a non-premium price. Nude Audio is Only Available Online.

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Waterproof Test on our Super M Bluetooth Speaker

Now This Is Democracy In Action


Music for the people—that’s the message of NudeAudio, maker of big-sound, small-price portable speakers that deliver crisp tunes everywhere you go from, the shower (they’re waterproof!) to the beach (they’re sand-proof!).


BY Nancy MacDonell





Instead of piling on unnecessary—and pricy—gimmicks, NudeAudio sticks to the essentials of great speakers and concentrates on making them both perfect and portable.



The Whole Story


Inspired by performance streetwear, NudeAudio crafts its speakers to be tactile, robust, and designed to work wherever you decide to take them—the cord makes it easy to grab and go. In fact, it’s hard not to play with NudeAudio; the design practically invites you to incorporate it into your life. “We have two kids and when we’re in the kitchen we’re often singing and dancing around,” says co-founder Peter Riering. “I put our speaker on the counter top and the first thing they did was grab it and toss it around. We’d had a Jambox on the counter for over a year and that had never happened. They just knew that it was meant to be played with.”



The Products


Unlike traditional electronics companies that are tied to formulaic ways of thinking, NudeAudio is free to think unconventionally. “We asked our selves, ‘what’s the most reliable way to make a speaker?’” says Riering. “Two sides and a grill. So we said, ‘why don’t we wrap a silicone sleeve around it?’ It’s really simple but it looks unique.” This steam-lined, reverse-engineered design process also allows Nude Audio to concentrate on the true test of a speaker: uncompromised acoustics. 



Five Minutes With NudeAudio Co-Founder Peter Riering



Q: How would you like to change the world?

Peter Riering: I would like to see more products democratized. I want good experiences to be available for people—good products without a premium price.


Q: What’s a time you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone?

PR: All the time. I’m rarely in my comfort zone at the moment. I think the biggest risk we took was when we de-featured our product in a market place that is adding features. We were told, ‘you can’t do that, the salespeople won’t be able to sell it.’ In fact, the salespeople had the opposite experience. The extra features are a hard sell but telling people we’re doing it differently, that’s a different story. 


Q: Your house is on fire and you have two minutes to grab things and get out. What do you take with youQ: ?

PR: The photo album. It holds all the memories and experiences I’ve had in my life.



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