• Mutewatch

    from Stockholm, Sweden


About Mutewatch

Does this scenario sound familiar? Early morning. The alarm goes off. You wake up. Your significant other wakes up, too—except they don’t need to get out of bed for another two hours. Cue hard stare, simmering resentment, expensive couples therapy, etc., etc.

You could just avoid all this with the Mutewatch, a clever little timekeeper from Sweden that keeps you on schedule by vibrating rather than making obnoxious noises. So whether you need to get up, sum up, or move on—no one else needs to know your clock is ticking.

The Mutewatch has two different modes: long and short. Long mode is perfect for waking up, even if you're a deep sleeper. When the alarm goes off, your Mutewatch will keep vibrating until you dismiss the alarm my tapping three squares that appear randomly on the screen. This way, you can't turn it off by mistake and oversleep. Short mode is handy when in a meeting, giving a presentation or doing your workout. The vibration is short and very discreet—you don't have to tap the screen to dismiss the alarm. In addition, short mode vibrations are intensified by high-level movement, such as running or dancing, so there's no risk of missing your alarm when you're pumping the treadmill. 

Another benefit of the built-in motion sensor is the "flick-your-wrist" function; activate the touchscreen simply by flicking your wrist 90 degrees sideways! And there’s no need to worry that you’ve set the alarm for 7 p.m. instead of 7 a.m.—the Mutewatch follows the très sensible and oh-so-Euro 24-hour clock.

This rubber wonder is so stealth that it doesn’t even look like a watch. The touch screen is hidden (you just tap the surface to activate it) so the adjustable, unisex Mutewatch looks like an accessory for the wrist. And when you need to recharge the battery you just plug it into your laptop with its USB cable. Watch the video above to see Mutewatch in action—it's mad cool.

Isn’t it about time that someone came up with something so useful?

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