• Miyu Beauty

    from Toronto, Canada

    The first line of skincare and artisanal tea pairings designed to nurture skin from the inside out.

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About Miyu Beauty

Borrowing from the teachings of ancient Chinese philosophies, Connie Tai created Miyu {mee-you} Beauty, the first lifestyle beauty brand artfully pairing skincare with teas, to nurture complexions from the inside out. While living in NYC, and battling her own skin sensitivities, Connie learned the enormous impact one’s lifestyle has on their complexion and discovered one's beauty ritual should actually be a "beauty lifestyle" that encompasses beauty from within. The result is a truly revolutionary line of luxury skincare and teas created to delight the senses, spread a little joy, and allow for a little “mi” time each and every day.

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Drink This For Glowing Skin


Overworked and under-beautified? It’s the curse of the modern woman. Miyu Beauty’s skincare and herbal tisanes heal from without and within—and we love the idea of having a quiet few minutes with a cup of skin-glorifying tea.







Using the teachings of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Miyu is the first beauty brand to pair skincare with herbal teas that nurture the complexion from the inside out, for skin that reflects overall good health.



The Whole Story


When chemist Connie Tai moved to New York to develop skincare line for a renowned day spa, she didn’t count on her new job being detrimental to her complexion. But thanks to stress, pollution, and diet changes, she was saddled with sensitive, irritated skin. Around the same time, her father started a pharmaceutical company based on the teachings of TCM. Intrigued, Tai decided to try formulating skincare that combined TCM with modern science. The resulting products and teas not only cleared up her skin, it set her on a whole new path. “Your skin is the mirror of your lifestyle,” she says. “On days when you may not have time to make the healthiest choices, you can find comfort in the idea that your beauty products are still giving you that health boost, inside and out.”



The Products


“After doing extensive research while battling my own skin issues, I discovered the best skin-enhancing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found in real foods,” says Tai. “I wanted to share my knowledge with other equally time-starved women who may not necessarily have the time to think about how to optimize their beauty routine. I came up with the idea to pair skincare with teas because teas are already chock full of antioxidants, easy to consume and enjoyable.” Each Miyu product contains the brand’s three signature ingredients: green tea for skin protection, pearl for the preservation of youth, and white peony for radiance.


Five Minutes With Miyu Teas & Beauty Founder Connie Tai



Q: What is a time you stepped out of your comfort zone with your brand?

Connie Tai: When I came up with the idea to pair my skincare with teas. People advised me to partner with a tea company. But in the end, I needed the beauty benefits to match what I was doing with the skincare. Before I knew it, I was designing our tea blends with a supplier. I specified what ingredients I wanted in each blend, then we went back and forth tweaking taste and scent until we landed on our magic brews. People frequently comment that our teas are, “the best tea they’ve ever had”—something that we are extremely proud of!


Q: If you could give your younger self one piece of advice what would it be?

CT: If you don’t ask, you don’t get. My father gave me this advice as a child but being shy by nature and very young and naïve, I did not appreciate its significance. Having moved to New York, competed in an extremely competitive industry for jobs, and now starting my own company, that advice rings loud and clear, each and every day.


Q: Is there something you have to do everyday without fail?

CT: I have to have water first thing when I wake up and right before bed. I also try to hydrate throughout the day, but I end up leaving half-filled cups of water wherever I go. I always forget that I have started a cup and I will pour myself another one.


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