• Mary Gallagher

    from Providence, RI

    Jewelry that bridges dark fantasy with the natural world.

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About Mary Gallagher

A fascination with the life cycle and process of decay, paired with the acute draw toward the supernatural and unknown make for designs that combine the familiarity of the natural world with a sense of fantasy. Deriving many textures from jagged rock edges, skins or bones of animals, Mary Gallagher alters what is familiar to nature into that of a suspended artifact, void of time and place. These hybrid pieces are sculpted and formed to highlight the natural beauty of the organic as well as showcase the dark cruelty of survival. Each piece holds a sense of mystery, an artifact to adorn the body, whether it be used as a shield, armor or relic.

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Post-Apocalyptic Voodoo Death Jewelry


Voodoo, death, weaponry—jewelry designer Mary Gallagher doesn’t pull her punches when she’s looking for inspiration. And for that, we love her and her gloriously dark designs.








Gallagher is fascinated by the cycle of life, the process of decay, and the supernatural, all of which she channels into her hand-carved and cast jewelry.




The Whole Story


Gallagher first began exploring the elements that would form the basis of her jewelry collection while working on her senior thesis at Parsons the New School for Design. She researched the rituals, symbols and practices of Haitian voodoo, finding what she calls, “a gray area between religion and the occult.” This, in combination with her love of sculpture and interest in Art Nouveau, led to the creation of her first “dark and fantasized” pieces. “Many of my pieces reference a post-apocalyptic view, a duality between jewelry and defense, creating armor for the body,” she says.



The Products


Gallagher creates her jewelry using the lost wax process, first hand-carving a piece from a block of wax, then casting it in silver, brass or bronze. These pieces are then embellished with horsehair, crystals, quartz, leather, lava rock or wood. Her themes are drawn from the natural and supernatural worlds. “I look at rock formations and textures, armor in the animal kingdom, weaponry and religious symbols and imagery,” she says. “The person who wears my jewelry has a love of the arts and expresses that through their look. They’re unabashed, unashamed and strong-willed.”



Five Minutes With Mary Gallagher



Q: What’s an aspect of your work that would surprise people?

Mary Gallagher: I create wherever I am. Whether I am in the woods, at a friend’s, or on the subway I’m constantly sketching or carving.


Q: What have you leaned in the process of launching your brand?

MG: There is always a way to fix or rework something and give it a new life and feel. Nothing is ever as finished as you think it is.


Q: Do you have something you’re superstitious about?

MG: Karma. It always comes up at the least convenient of times. 

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