• Maison Takuya

    from Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Luxury accessories created by fusing technology and tradition.

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About Maison Takuya

Maison Takuya believes the world's greatest bags are constructed by combining modernity and tradition, precision and instinct, art and science. The brand's art director and founder, Francois Russo, upholds the highest dedication to quality; his team may spend six months developing a model and two weeks making a single bag. Patterns are drafted digitally, but accessories are created exclusively by hand.

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"Made in Thailand" Is the Future of Luxury. Really.


Being discerning means not confusing fashion with luxury. Fashion's ephemeral; true luxury—like Maison Takuya's digitally designed, painstakingly handmade leather goods—lasts a lifetime. Need we say more?






Strong colors, minimal embellishments, the highest quality leather, the uniqueness that results from being crafted entirely by hand—Maison Takuya leather goods are made for the most discerning people in the world.




The Whole Story


François Russo of Maison Takuya is nothing if not a perfectionist. A Frenchman who relocated to Thailand to found a leather goods house, he's dedicated, body and soul, to true luxury, which is why he had his artisans trained by the best craftsmen in the world to construct bags entirely by hand, something that's far more rare than you might think—i.e. just because it's got a designer label is no assurance that is wasn't stitched on a machine. "European luxury houses have a more industrial way of working now," says Russo. "Our customer knows it's more important to know that our brand is 100-percent controlled and owned by us. Customers today are more attached to a manufacturer's spirit rather than to a label."




The Products


Perfection takes time. Which is why no one at Maison Takuya is rushed. If it takes six months to design a wallet or handbag, so be it. Because when it's done—after the digital imaging has been minutely adjusted, the engineering optimized, the shape refined, the ultimate hides sourced, the leather painstaking dyed and hand-stitched—you've got an accessory that you can proudly carry for the rest of your life. No trendy embellishments, no sleight-of-hand design; just pure craftsmanship and unsurpassed quality.




Five Minutes With Maison Takuya Founder François Russo


Q: What is most satisfying about what you do?

A: The birth of the object, when it goes from being a flat piece of leather to a three-dimensional form. I'm not a woman and I don't have children but at that moment I feel like I'm having a baby—I wonder, will it smile back at me, will it give me a caress?


Q: What adjective would your friends use to describe you?

A: Obsessive. I'm a person who likes every object to be in exactly the right position. When they come to my house they sometimes move a chair to see my reaction—which is, of course, to move it back to its correct position.


Q: Your house is one fire and you have two minutes to grab things and get out. What do you take with you?

A: I would take absolutely nothing. I would see it as a sign that it would have to be rebuilt from zero. It would not be a tragedy but an opportunity.
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