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If you think flowers are primarily vehicles for saying “thank you” or “sorry I forgot your birthday,” we’ve got news for you: They can also change your life. We're talking about flowers for a happier, more rested, radiant you. How, you wonder? With our exclusive Urban Fleurish Kit from Lotus Wei, that's how. 

Lotus Wei founder and self-described alchemist (how’s that for a cool job title?) Katie Hess has spent years cultivating her knowledge of flower essences—this woman knows her African daisy from her Birdsfoot Lotus. She witnessed firsthand how flower essences act homeopathically to enhance her clients’ spiritual well-being, and decided to literally bottle its goodness in 100-percent natural elixirs, mists and serums.

Curator and minimalist interior designer Clodagh says she enjoys the elixirs because, "Lotus Wei believes, like I do, that wellness doesn’t have to be achieved through self-denial, but through pleasure and pampering."

For the Urban Fleurish kit, we’ve assembled our three favorites: Joy Juice Elixir, a delicious tincture that promotes happiness, laughter and fun; Quiet Mind Mist, a refreshing citrus spritz that helps you focus during the day and sleep like a baby at night; and Infinite Love Serum, a luscious oil that attracts opportunities and enhances personal magnetism.

As a trio, they pretty much make you invincible. And that beats 1-800-Flowers any day of the week.

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