• Linell Ellis

    from Silver Spring, MD

    Live completely.

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About Linell Ellis

For the woman who believes that true luxury is found in life's experiences. Linell Ellis transports you to a place of fond memories and whimsical remembrance. Our handbags and accessories are accessible luxury; always reminding you that luxury should be embraced in the everyday. We believe in a classic approach to design, peppered with fanciful color and charming prints, making every piece one that can be worn today, tomorrow and years to come. We believe in living life to its absolute fullest, taking your time to embrace the experiences and emotions that present themselves everyday: these are the things that create memories.

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Your Next Handbag Purchase, Revealed


Remember the thrill of watching your mother get ready for the evening? So does Linell Ellis—and she translates the exuberance of that memory into her fun and feminine handbags.







From her motto—Live Completely—to her lighthearted way with leopard, Ellis speaks directly to the thrill of indulgence, both in life and in accessories. “I design accessible luxury handbags and accessories for the woman who believes that true luxury is found in life’s experiences,” she says.



The Whole Story


Encouraged to pursue a field in technology because she was good at math, Ellis rebelled against her conservative work environment by, “using accessories as my internal rebellion.” Handbags were her particular love, so much so that she and her husband decided to launch their own line of them. “In my mind and in my own experience, handbags are a positive accent to an outfit,” she says. “Accessories can make you happy and add confidence, no matter where you are in life.”



The Products


Linell Ellis is known for its classic shapes, “peppered with fanciful color and charming prints.” Each bag starts with a paper prototype. “This allows me to ensure the simplicity of the bag,” Ellis says. “In the end it all comes back to the simplicity of the construction paper. This allows me to focus on the emotional aspects of color, texture and prints.”



Every collection is centered around a story that Ellis has imagined, usually based on her own life experiences, with bags designed to suit the occasion. “This provides the Linell Ellis woman with a spark of remembrance of her most precious moments,” she says.



Five Minutes With Linell Ellis



Q: What is a time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

Linell Ellis: I’d say the moment I began reaching out to magazine editors and bloggers to do collaborations was a big step for me. Having a retail site is one thing but to ask people to provide feedback and share the brand with their followers is a risk. Blogger collaborations are a huge part of our marketing strategy now. I love connecting with our girl on a grassroots level. The feedback is crucial and helps me zone in on design and functional changes which can only make the brand stronger.


Q: If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

LE: Never be afraid to fail. Expose yourself to as many positive experiences as you can because experiences and exposure are your key to resources, which are crucial to living a fruitful and fulfilling life.


Q: What makes you happy?

LE: It does not take much to make me happy. Even the smallest things such catching every green light and not having to stop at any red ones. My true joy is in my family as well as being able to wake up everyday and do what I love.


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