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About Kleinreid

If you think porcelain figurines sound like something your grandmother would collect in her vitrine cabinet, think again. We absolutely adore these tongue-in-chic Kokeshi dolls by New York based potters/all-around design stars James Klein and David Reid of KleinReid.
Kokeshi dolls are traditional Japanese home décor items which were originally created in the seventeenth century as souvenirs for tourists visiting hot springs in the north of Japan. In KleinReid’s hands they’ve become a family of four that looks like a cross between the traditional dolls and oversized Fisher Price people.
The duo describes their creative process as a “crockpot” into which they toss whatever interests them and see how it “cooks down.” Their inspirational stew produces witty products with a wealth of cultural references, such as these charming figurines. “We think of them as the Harajuku daughter and emo son of reformed hippie parents,” says Klein.
Like the original wood Kokeshi, which have large heads, cylindrical bodies and no arms, KleinReid’s versions are smooth spindles with painted features all around the dolls’ bodies. “The shapes were turned on the wheel and we experimented with different hand-painting techniques—a first for us—and glazes,” Klein explains. “We love the looseness of the brush strokes against the refined turned shape.”
We’re offering the Kokeshi dolls as either a family unit or as individuals, so if you’d like to get a family with one daughter or two sons or two mommies, you can customize your order. They dolls' dimensions range between 6.75 - 10.5 inches tall and approximately 2.5 -4 inches in diameter, and the quartet (or duo, or trio etc…) would be a striking addition to any shelf or mantelpiece. Ideal as hostess or housewarming presents, the Kokeshi are perfect examples of KleinReid’s design philosophy. “We strive for something new, but familiar and definitely livable—never trendy,” says Klein.

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