• Jack Germain

    from Brooklyn, NY

    Your handbag will never look like anyone else's because it lives the life that you live.

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About Jack Germain

Launched in 2011, Jack Germain's line of handbags and accessories is made to reflect the spirit of the wearer. Decidedly androgynous with simple silhouettes, the bags are adorned with just the right amount of hardware and can be worn with anything. After carrying the same purse for seven years, Germain has created the anti-it bag: Every masterful clutch and handbag is handcrafted to last forever and is built to gracefully earn a road-worn patina, making each one unique to its owner.


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How This Woman Is Making the It Bag Obsolete


Jack Germain of New York City has no time for here-today, gone-tomorrow handbags. As befits a girl with a boy's name, her designs are edgy but feminine, built to last, and have have no sell-by date. And did we mention the part where they go with everything in your wardrobe?


BY Nancy MacDonell





Germain herself says it best: "Our main focus each season is designing  bag that won't expire in either quality or style. We never follow trends, we just use them as a reference point."



The Whole Story


F.I.T. grad Germain launched her eponymous line at the age of 25 from her Lower East Side apartment. "I'd have my friends over and we'd have cocktails around my sewing machine," she says. "We'd hang out until midnight and then I'd kick them out and sew all night." A story in The New York Times resulted in a flood of orders, at which point Germain knew it was time to expand and delegate. Two things that haven't changed: Every collection beings with a peruse through the inspiration binders she's been making since sixth grade. And Germain continues to design with her customer in mind. "Jack Germain speaks to the girl who likes nice things and doesn't want something everyone else has. She's hip and cool but wants something classic that won't expire in either style or quality."



The Products


Working from the assumption that it's pointless to produce a beautiful handbag only to have it fall apart, Germain insists on using only high-quality Italian leather and hardware and has her bags produced by a small, family-owned factory in Manhattan's Flatiron district.  "I always start with the leather," she says. "Once I see the colour, texture and weight of the hide, my mind begins to develop the bag around it." Her background in textile design translates into a love of repeat patterns, seen in her fondness for embossed leather and the distinctive hardware she chooses.



Five Minutes WIth Jack Germain



Q: What have you learned in the process of launching your brand?

Jack Germain: I've learned that as much as you know your customer there will always be surprises. I've seen a 70-year-old woman rock my bag harder than a 25-year-old. It's all about the personality of the woman, her confidence, and innate style.


Q: What makes you happy?

JG: Seeing someone copy a bag I designed. It's the greatest form of flattery a designer can receive.


Q: What's the last thing you do every night before going to bed?

JG: Kiss my boyfriend and put on cuticle oil. Hands are very important in the accessory world.



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