• Holstee

    from Brooklyn, NY


About Holstee

Here at AHAlife, we try our best to avoid plastic bags. Along with shutting off the water while we brush our teeth and recycling the cans of Diet Coke we drink religiously, carrying reusable canvas totes is one of our favorite easy-to-do save-the-earth actions.

That’s why we love the Upcycled Wallet from Holstee. Made from used shopping bags, the billfold gives new life to old plastic.

“Much of our design inspiration comes from our own needs,” says Holstee co-founder Michael Radparvar. “In this case, when it came time for me to get a new wallet, I couldn’t find what I was looking for- a slim, functional wallet that was made in a good way.”

To produce the Upcycled Wallet, the designers connected with Conserve India, an organization in Delhi that works closely with some of India’s most impoverished citizens, often referred to as “rag pickers.” These workers collect waste (like plastic bags) on the city’s streets and make them into a usable material again. Through this partnership, Holstee is able to provide fair wage employment, education and healthcare for the employees and their families.

Each wallet is unique in its pattern and style. Bearing ads, cartoons, headline news, and classifieds, no two wallets look exactly the same. No dyes or colors are used to treat the wallets; all colors come from the original bags. We're featuring three versions - purple, gray and mult-colored. The wallet fits four to five cards in each of the two pockets. 


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