• Glassybaby

    from Seattle, WA


About Glassybaby

Call us crazy, but we think Lee Rhodes of Glassybaby has found “the light at the end of the tunnel” everyone talks about.

Thirteen years ago during her third battle with cancer, handmade votives became her source of peace. One evening her husband presented her with a glass votive he’d made for her. “It was magical,” she remembers. The votives became a sort of ritual for she and her friends, who would light them in her honor. “All of a sudden everyone was finding 30 seconds of calm,” Rhodes says.

“Glassybaby” is the name she gave to the hand-blown glass containers, which can function as votives, vases or cups. In 2001 Rhodes launched her Glassybaby studio in Seattle with a small team of inspired friends. Fast-forward 10 years and she’s operating four dedicated retail stores, with a team of 70 glassblowers (each votive takes the work of four glassblowers).

We love that these special works of art function not just as symbols of hope, but vessels of it: The company donates a percentage of sales to various cancer charities and has given almost $600,000 to date.

We’re offering the Glassybaby in five colors – all of which are dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible – and with them, the opportunity to bring a small measure of peace to yourself and those struggling with cancer.

Consider this one of those rare guilt-free purchases.

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