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Girl Scout Cookies

About Girl Scout Cookies

Cookies: they’re tasty and tempting and a great post-dinner snack. But did you know they could also help shape the life of a young girl? This Thanksgiving, give and you shall receive. When you donate to the Girl Scouts Career Exploration Program (CEP) through AHAlife before Dec. 5th, we’ll gift you something equally as sweet—a box of Girl Scouts cookies of your choice.

Our goal is to see 1,277 AHAreaders support this cause—that’s one donation for every girl that is involved in the South Bronx program, which is designed to show girls their full potential by exposing them to a myriad of career paths.

True to the Girl Scout mission of teaching leadership, values and self-confidence, the CEP is taught during the school day to sixth through eighth grade girls in five under-resourced middle schools in the South Bronx of New York and includes empowering activities such as field visits to different corporations—from law firms to arts/entertainment companies—and guest speaker visits.

“Research shows that the middle school years are critically important in a student’s development,” said Dawn Nolan, Acting Chief Executive Officer of the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York. “During these critical years, they will begin to make choices that will impact the direction of the their lives, and our goal is to help them make choices that will ensure they expand their opportunities and can succeed in life. The girls in this program do face some particularly tough challenges.  This program is designed to give them hope and encourage them to strive for success by continuing their education and career planning.“

Spread the word and help us reach our target donation goal. We think a tomorrow filled with informed and empowered girls is truly the sweetest gift.

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