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    from Paris, France

Edition Poshette

About Edition Poshette

Just in time for the warm weather, and available only at, the Edition Poshette unisex belts will add a pop of spring color to your (or your significant other’s) favorite outfit. We love pairing them with a print shirt or dress for an easy solution to this season’s hard to master pattern-on-pattern trend. 

But it is not just their exclusivity and unique look that make these belts so covetable—designer Simone Bendix creates them with patterns inspired by vintage book jackets, many of which she inherited from her grandfather and great grandmother.

“I think books are beautiful and a person who reads is interesting and interested,” she says. With this literature-loving philosophy as her base, she’s crafted her 1.4 inch wide unisex belts from calfskin leather that’s vegetally rather than chemically tanned, which means as it ages it will take on an appealing patina (rather like a beloved book). And because the laser printing process penetrates the leather to a depth of about 3mm—sort of like a tattoo—the pattern will stay with you, just like a good story.

We’re featuring Bendix’s geometric Autour d’un triangle print (which means “around a triangle”)[photos 1 & 3] as well as the Autour d’un heptagon print (“around a heptagon”)[photos 2 & 4] in two colors: a rouge and a pistachio. Graphic and sharp, it’s a stylish way to punctuate an outfit no matter what color you choose. “I like the idea of having geometric patterns contrasting against a pinstripe shirt or any neutral color and then letting the prints add a hint of humor or twist to something classic,” Bendix says.

In a twist that any stylish bibliophile will appreciate, Edition Poshette is a play on words. “Pochette” means pocket in French, a reference to pocket-sized paperbacks. But spelled with an “s,” as in “posh,” it takes on a whole different meaning. Subtle but striking—just like the belts.


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