• Easter Sunday the Nogg

    from Luton, United Kingdom

Easter Sunday the Nogg

About Easter Sunday the Nogg

In celebration of Easter Sunday, we at AHAlife want to put the spotlight on a topic that receives far too little attention—chicken coop design. Yes that’s right. Raising chickens is a fast growing trend among farm-to-table enthusiasts, and if you have ever experienced the luxury of tasting a freshly plucked egg, you know why. It’s simply a perfect culinary moment.

However, the chicken coop is another story. Usually a ramshackle structure in various stages of disrepair, where the hens are cramped inside a crowded, dark and smelly little box, it definitely puts a damper on the whole fresh eggs experience.

That’s why were so excited when we discovered the nogg, the beautiful egg-shaped chicken coop that is the hen house equivalent of a luxury
condo. It looks stylish enough to be a decorative garden piece, but is in fact a fully functional and brilliantly engineered coop with several innovative features.

The nogg is a collaboration between furniture designer and engineer Matthew Hayward and artist and Creative Director Nadia Turan, who came up with the idea of a beautifully designed, sustainable chicken coop a couple of years ago, when their friends and family suddenly expressed a desire to start raising chickens.

The handcrafted structure can house 2-4 hens and is made from sustainably sourced cedar wood, which is freshly scented and naturally resistant to bacteria. It sits on a concrete base that is fastened with stainless steel rings that keeps it damp-proof and stable, while the doors have been created with a stainless steel frame and ribbing to combat the possible effects of the elements. But our favorite feature is the skylight, an elevated glass dome at the very top, which twists and lifts to aid ventilation. Fresh air and light for the chickens!!



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