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Cygalle Healing Spa

About Cygalle Healing Spa

Cygalle Dias is a firm believer in organics, both in what you put on your plate and what you put on your face. “What goes onto your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream,” says the founder of the world-renowned, eco-friendly Cygalle Healing Spa. Her luxurious treatment center is located in the super posh resort community Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic and attracts celebrity clients like Helena Christensen and Rosario Dawson. With her True Holistic Food for Skin organic products, Cygalle says, “we wanted to create a skincare line that follows the inner/outer body philosophy.”

The line grew out of the all-natural treatments that are created at the spa’s in-house “pharmacy” using live ingredients. “The luxurious feeling of natural skincare was so overwhelmingly amazing that I knew I needed to share it with the world,” Dias explains. Having tried her products, we whole-heartedly agree. In fact, we offering them in both full and travel sizes.

The gentle Volcanic Clay Scrub, which Dias recommends using once or twice a week, contains finely ground pumice and vitamin-packed kukui nut oil. It sweeps away dead cells and restores vital nutrients to newly revealed skin. 

The mineral-rich Red Clay Purifying Mask uses fruit-based enzymes and salicylic acid to gently draw out debris, leaving the complexion fresh and soft. Drier skins should use a thin layer, while oilier skins may want to apply a thicker mask for enhanced detoxifying benefits.

And the rejuvenating Whipped Basil Moisture Crème contains co-enzyme Q10, which fortifies the already impressive humectant benefits of sunflower, jojoba, basil, raspberry and rosehip oils. After cleansing and toning, apply a small amount—“a little goes a long way,” cautions Dias—to face and neck and gently massage in. 

Like the fresh foods they’re made from, these products have a limited shelf-life: Unopened, they’ll last for one year; once you’ve uncapped them, they’re good for six months. 

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