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It’s the first day of a new year and, like everyone else, we’ve been thinking about ways to make it our happiest, most productive and—of course—most stylish yet. In that spirit, we’ve collected some of our favorite quotes from the savviest people we know: the AHAlife curators. We recently asked all of our curators these questions; the answers below are the ones that, for one reason or another, really resonated with us. We hope these bring you a little inspiration or, at the very least, make you smile despite your hangover.

Get ready for your renewal and a selection of fabulous curated products beginning Monday. Happy New Year!

If I could solve one problem, it would be:
Repealing laws in 29 States that make it legal to fire an individual for being gay. —Tim Gunn, Project Runway mentor and chief creative officer of Liz Claiborne

I hope it doesn’t sound cliché to say alleviating world hunger. As a chef, I consider it a serious problem. It may be unrealistic to think we can solve it, but we can work toward alleviating it. Lots of good people are working on this issue. I’d love to find the right ones to partner with to do my part. —Daniel Boulud, chef and owner of several award-winning restaurants

Our dependency on fossil fuels. —Lou Sagar, retail expert and founder of Zona home design stores

Cancer. —Jenni Kayne, fashion designer

As a service to many beleaguered women, I would open a very chic shop on Madison Avenue called Sleeves and supply them with evening dresses that covered their upper arms. I think I would be doing a great public service. —Iris Apfel, fashion icon

Dealing with the rampant self-sabotage I find in so many people I meet—I’d like to help people get in touch with their own divinity. —James Andrew, founder of the style blog What is James Wearing?

Curing people of bad manners. —Brian Gorman, hotelier

Getting men to step up and challenge other men about violence against women. —Abigail Disney, president and founder of The Daphne Foundation and producer of the award-winning documentary, Pray the Devil Back to Hell

I wish more people cared about… :
Universal healthcare. —Naomi Fisher, artist

Being nice to each other and respectful of individual choices and preferences. —Jason Campbell, style expert and founder/editor-in-chief of The JC Report

Thinking the best of each other. My personal philosophy is: Always assume positive intent. If you look for the bad in people, you will find it; if you look for the good in people, you will find it. —Cindy Gallop, brand consultant/media strategist

Innovation. —Cynthia Rowley, fashion designer

Women’s empowerment issues. —Lauren Bush, fashion designer and philanthropist

Subway etiquette. I think taking the A train to midtown for four years stole a little piece of my soul that I’ll never get back. —Soraya Darabi, co-founder of Foodspotting

The food we put in our bodies. —Jenni Kayne, fashion designer

What’s going to happen to women in Afghanistan when America gets the hell out of there. —Tina Brown, founder and editor in chief of The Daily Beast

The world would be a better place if… :
There were no more reality TV shows. —Cindy Rachovsky, art collector and philanthropist

More people thought outside the box. —Diane Pernet, editor-in-chief of the blog A Shaded View on Fashion

Everyone ate better, did yoga, thought with their hearts - not only their brains, and drank martinis. —Bobbi Brown, makeup artist and author of six best-selling beauty books

We all accepted aging without fear and insecurity. —Carmindy, makeup artist and host of “What Not to Wear”

We cared more about the environment. —Anndra Neen, jewelry and handbag designers

People smiled more often. Or better yet, if people made a greater effort to do things to make others smile more often. —Sarah Simmons, professional cook and digital marketing consultant

We all got free therapy. —Jennine Jacob, founder and editor of the blog The Coveted

Everyone’s heart could be as open as a five-year-olds. —Tina Lutz, fashion designer

Manners. —Amanda Ross, stylist and global fashion director of W hotels

Everyone was in love. Love rocks. —Lindsay Sammon, writer and musician


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