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    from New York, NY

    Hand created, maritime inspired jewelry.

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About Crusoe Jewelry

Crusoe Jewelry is inspired by the distinctive hardware and unique shapes of the maritime world and designed by Maya Ahluwalia. It was a fateful trip aboard her sailboat, Crusoe that inspired her to combine her love of jewelry, design and craftsmanship to create the marine-inspired collection. Conceived and designed by Maya, every piece is created by hand entirely in her Brooklyn-based studio. 

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How One Woman Turned Her Sailboat Into Jewelry


Expertly navigate the sometimes-tricky waters of accessorizing with these bold but never flashy maritime-inspired pieces. Sail on, silver girl.






Crusoe Jewelry is inspired by the distinctive hardware and unique shapes of the maritime world. Every piece is handmade in designer Maya Ahluwalia's Brookyn studio.




The Whole Story


Sailor/jewelry designer Maya Ahluwalia was inspired to launch her collection after spending an afternoon on Long Island Sound on her sailboat, the Crusoe. "I began noticing how interesting the hardware was and immediately began sketching ideas of how these pieces of hardware could become jewelry," she says. "Six months from that first moment, the collection launched." Even if you're a landlubber who doesn't know a pelican hook, which Ahluwalia has reinterpreted as both a pendant and a double-finger ring, from a winch, which she's formed into pendants, cuff bracelets and earrings, you'll understand the adventurous appeal of her jewelry.




The Products


When she's not sailing, Ahluwalia can be found in her Brooklyn studio, where she carves and solders her maritime-inspired pieces. Produced in matte silver and matte bronze, her pieces give a fashion twist to maritime themes and imagery. Each piece will develop a patina over time and doesn't require polishing. "I love beginning with a concept in my mind and working to create a finished product," Ahluwalia says. I find the how the creative process evolves and changes as the design takes shape very satisfying."




Five Minutes With Crusoe Jewelry Founder Maya Ahluwalia


Q: What makes your brand unique?

A: Crusoe Jewelry is unique in that it features bold shapes that create a statement yet with its matte finish it's understated.


Q: If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

A: Travel! I absolutely love traveling, whether just a road trip, a trip to an exotic country or an afternoon sail. I want to find further inspiration for Crusoe Jewelry.


Q: What talent would you like to have?

A: Definitely singing. There is always music in the studio. I tend to sing along but it is definitely not something anyone else wants to hear.
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