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Craighton Berman

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Sometimes a great idea is hidden in plain sight—like the Coil Lamp, which takes the idea that all a lamp needs is a power cord and a light bulb, and runs with it. As created by designer Craighton Berman, the Coil is just that—a bulb and an extension cord—that gets wound around a clear Plexiglass base to take the form of a table lamp.

“I thought it might be interesting if the lamp cord itself formed the decorative portion of the lamp, as well as serving its duty as a power source,” Berman says. “The working class extension cord has upper class aspirations. It’s been kicked around in your garage for too long, and now it’s time for it to take its place in your living room."

The DIY kit includes the laser-cut acrylic frames, the bulb adaptor and illustrated assembly instructions. All you need to supply is a 100-foot power cord (get it in black, white, orange or any color you please), a light bulb, and a few minutes of your time for the assembly—which, Berman assures us, is a snap. And if you aren’t up for the doing-it-yourself thing, we are also selling the pre-assembled version made with the classic orange cord.

“The first step is to pour yourself a drink,” he instructs. “You will complete your Coil Lamp in the time it takes you to finish that beverage. It’s as simple as nesting the two pieces of laser-cut Plexiglass, plugging in the adapter and bulb, and then wrapping the cord around the notches according to my instructions."

The Coil Lamp is a great gift for the man who has everything, and will go equally as well in a garage workstation as a cool downtown loft space. And because no two people will assemble this DIY décor project the same way, no two lamps will be exactly the same, giving this already cool idea even more cachet.

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