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About Construction for Change

Construction for Change prides themselves in being enablers.

While in college, founder Nick Tosti volunteered to help Haitian refugees in the Dominican Republic. During his time there, Tosti realized that in many instances even the most well-managed charitable organizations needed aid themselves. Specifically, many lacked construction skills for basic infrastructure and the resources and capital to hire outside contractors.

Enter, Construction for Change. Tosti founded CfC in 2008 as a vehicle to enable other charitable organizations to focus on the business of doing good, as they handle all infrastructure needs.

As Tosti explains it, their focus is on partnerships, “We do not go into an area and try and start our own programs. We realize that there are hundreds of thousands of people around the world that have already established organizations and programs in impoverished communities and that it is not our job to compete with them but to find the organizations we feel address issue the most effectively and give them the resources they need to continue to grow and succeed.”

Their first project broke ground in Zambia in 2008 where they constructed a school to hold more than 700 students. Current projects include building housing in Kenya for One Acre Fund, a school in Cambodia for Pari Project, and schools in Liberia for the Samuel J. & Mary Mentee Foundation.

Since their founding in 2008 they’ve more than tripled their funding, and though powered entirely by volunteers, they’ve been able to take on two to four projects a year. CfC is offering the opportunity to fund their next project, a $50,000 hospital in Jharkhand, India which will include a 30-bed infirmary, 4 to 5 exam rooms, storage for vaccines, and doctors' offices. The hospital will serve a population of 90,000 and will be run by local non-profit Jagriti Vihara.

You can get involved directly by funding CfC's project here >>

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