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Colleen & Eric

About Colleen & Eric

We’re always looking for ways to add a touch of something special to our home, and we have a soft spot for wall decals. They’re somewhat unexpected, don’t require a ton of assembly and don’t leave gaping holes in the wall. (If the clean up requires spackle, we’re not interested.)

So we were excited to find these sustainable, reversible wood bird wall decals by Brooklyn-based design duo Colleen & Eric. After years of making disposable vinyl wall decals for friends, Colleen Whiteley had the aha! to create a reusable version that people could take with them when moving.

These Flock of Birds decals—available in a set of six—are handmade of North American hardwood veneered panels in Brooklyn, and (we really love this) boast different colored sides for different design options. Go with the light side for spring, flip over to the darker side for winter, or mix and match at will (they come with a set of delicate gold nails for hanging).

“To give the birds all the properties we want, we laminate our own plywood with birch veneer on one side and walnut on the other. Making our own plywood allows them to be reversible and it’s very strong,” said Eric Whiteley. Each panel is coated with pure shellac for protection and sent to a craftsman in upstate New York to be laser cut.

We love the simple, homemade design, local manufacturing and endless possibilities for display. Plus the ethereal bird design gives any room an instant lift.

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