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The best way to preserve and honor really important, don’t-ever-want-to-forget-this memories—weddings, dream vacations, family gatherings—is still on paper. And there’s no better way to acknowledge their importance than with one of these beautiful hand bound albums or journals from Campbell Raw Press.

Cut and stitched by hand, these old-fashioned-looking books are made from carefully sourced paper and cloth by Brooklyn-based bookbinder Maggie Campbell. The Vintage Postage Stamp series is bound in a linen and cotton blend fabric and features an inset panel that frames a single, striking stamp. The French Sky Chart series is bound in paper that depicts circa-1830s French astronomy charts.

The albums contain 30 sheets of paper and hold 60 photos, one on each page (250 acid-free photo mounting squares are included). The journals contain 40 sheets of paper, which works out to 80 pages, front and back. The blank printmaking paper comes with hand-torn deckled edges.

Both books are bound entirely by hand with waxed gray Irish linen thread. Instead of the typical hardcover binding, Campbell binds her albums and journals with a Coptic stitch, an exposed sewing technique that’s both utilitarian and decorative. “It’s an old technique—it dates to the fourth century B.C., as I recall—and is simple yet lovely and incredibly strong,” she says. It also means that the books can lie completely flat when open.

Whether you’re a bride looking for a special place to store the details of the big day, a friend of the bride looking for the perfect shower gift, or a traveler looking to commemorate your holiday in the South of France, these albums and journals will make the memories you put in them look even better when looking back.

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