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Bond Street Chocolates

About Bond Street Chocolates

Ever since we found out that dark chocolate—in moderation of course—can actually be good for you (cocoa phenols in dark chocolate have been found to lower cholesterol), we look for any possible excuse to consume it, no holiday or special occasion necessary.

And our inner rock goddess is particularly dazzled by these skull and fangs chocolates from New York-based Bond Street Chocolate (and no, we don't just love them because they're named for the street that's home to the AHAlife loft). Owner Lynda Stern, whose past lives include time as a pastry chef as well as a stint in TV production, was inspired to create the skulls in part by Keith Richards’ infamous skull ring, and the chocolate fangs are her cheeky twist on the classic wax lips candy. A perfect Halloween treat for chocoholics of all ages, no?

“I make everything by hand,” said Stern. “All the chocolates are done in house every day in small batches.”

Before you indulge, though, we recommend really taking the time to appreciate the delicious design. These confections are crafted in solid dark (72% percent cocoa) chocolate using custom molds, and the fangs and mini skulls are then dusted with an edible silver coating for a fierce finish.

Frankly, we think the sinister-meets-sweet thing going on here is just to die for.


Store photo courtesy of Dylan Cross

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