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We love it when things aren’t what they seem. That aha! of discovery when you realize something is way more than meets the eye is like a little gift.

How appropriate, then, that this photograph by Japanese installation artist Midori Harima is titled Present. Sure, it looks just like a present, but the real gift is in the story behind its construction. The print, which was created exclusively for ArtWeLove (and is available in a large format exclusively on AHAlife), is an exploration on how we perceive images. “I am interested in ideas of human perception described in early Buddhist philosophy as ‘Madhyamika,’” said Harima.

At first glance, we thought this was a simple photograph. Au contraire. To create this 20”x16” limited edition piece, the artist (whose background includes sculpture, oil painting and print making) first created a sculpture using wrapping paper bearing the words “Congratulations" (see close-up detail, center photo, above right). She then took a digital photo of the sculpture and converted it to a slide. Next, she spray painted the sculpture white. Then, using a slide projector, she projected the digital image onto the sculpture and took a final photo of it, which is the image you see above.

“I realized that while a visual image indicates an existence, at the same time, it also wraps up and hides that existence,” she said.

We can’t wait to gift this special large format print to someone we love (after we nab one for ourselves, of course).


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