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    Stylish, functional, luxury portable external battery chargers.

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About Apelpi

Founded to fill a void in the market for unique, stylish and functional external battery chargers, Apelpi stands on a combined 20 years of battery industry, power solutions and portable consumer electronics experience. With a dedication to pairing outstanding style with uncompromising quality, it’s no wonder Apelpi won “best of show” at Macworld Asia 2012 expo. Continuing to develop amazing tech accessory products, Apelpi has taken careful and thoughtful steps to build product lines that others will love as much as they do.

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This Battery Charger Rocks Our World


Must the battery charger be boring? No, no, and no! At least not if you’re packing this adorable apple-shaped one from Apelpi, which gives not only works perfectly but gives a nod to AHA’s hometown.







When the stars align, the better mousetrap is the better-looking one, too. That’s the deal at Apelpi, maker of you-know-you-want-one apple-shaped battery chargers, sleek aluminum phone bumpers, and a tablet stand with a built-in spray cleaner.



The Whole Story


Andy Ho and his partner, Christopher Balmaseda, have a combined battery industry experience of 20 years, which translates into (sorry, we couldn’t resist) some powerful thinking about charging your devices. In 2012, realizing there was a huge void in the market when it came to attractive but functional external battery chargers, they joined forces to launch Apelpi. They knew they were on to something when they immediately won “best of show” at MacWorld Asia. “We truly believe at the heart of every electronic is the battery/power. Not the CPU or memory or graphics card or the device itself—because without power, all devices would be rendered a paperweight,” Ho says.



The Products


“Our sole purpose was to design and manufacture an external battery charger that comes across more as a fashion accessory than electronic accessory,” Ho explains (to which we say, “Thank you!”). Ho and Balmaseda team settled on the apple shape because of its refreshing connotations and the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”—though in this case, it’s the wall outlet that’s being avoided. With each progressive version, the exterior plastic molding has been upgraded—the newest version, called the Luxe, uses the same brushed aluminum that many smartphones are made of. Furthermore, says Ho, “the battery cells used are of the highest standard allowing our chargers to endure and be functional much longer than other external chargers in the market.”



Five Minutes With Apelpi Co-Founder Andy Ho



Q: What is a time when you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone with your product or brand? 

Andy Ho: The complete Apelpi line of external chargers has been a huge step outside our comfort zone. We have traditionally been a replacement battery manufacturer for notebooks, tablets, mobile phone, and cameras. Creating this line and marketing it directly to consumers has been fun, scary, and at times blissfully naïve. I just think about the film Field of Dreams” “If you build it, they will come...” with an added “...and love it!”


Q: If you could give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

AH: Believe in your convictions and yourself. Surround yourself with supporters and winners. Save as much as you can to build up your entrepreneur war chest.


Q: What makes you happy?

AH: Eating really good food, singing '90s R&B, and re-learning how to see the world through the eyes of my 1.5 year old daughter.



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