• Amy Genser Studio

    from West Hartford, CT

    Mixed-media one-of-a-kind artwork

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About Amy Genser Studio

To the average person, paper is something to write or print on and then discard (preferably in the recycling bin). To Amy Eisenfeld Genser, it's the medium with which she creates her highly textured, one-of-a-kind art works. We're proud to offer three of her uniquely compelling pieces: Float, White Undulation and four White Texture Squares.

Genser creates her works by first painting her canvas, then rolling, gluing and cutting up thin, fibrous paper, often from Japan or Thailand, into round modules. Finally, these modules are glued to the canvas one at time in a painstaking, month-long process. "It's like putting together a puzzle. I don't know how the final picture will look until I see it," Genser says. 

As is evident in her work, which is reminiscent of topographical maps of otherworldly landscapes, Genser is inspired by the natural world. Her references include snorkeling, barnacles and coral reefs, the patchwork appearance of landscape viewed from the air, African textiles and aboriginal art, lichens, multiplying cells, growth and subtle color.

Though she originally intended to make her career in graphic design, Genser fell in love with paper while she was a graduate student at the Rhode Island School of Design. "I decided to give the paper mixed-media artwork a go for about two years and see what happened," she says. "I've now been working in this method for 12 years."

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