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Though makeup has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, to encompass everything from formaldehyde-free nail polishes to wrinkle-fighting foundations, makeup brushes haven’t kept up. “They still resemble a wad of animal fur stuck to the end of a stick for use as a painting tool,” says Advanced Beauty Tools (ABT) chief creative officer Matthew Waitesmith, whose own brushes are anything but old school.

Instead of animal hair, which actually does a poor job of depositing makeup on the skin, Waitesmith developed something called Nufibre™, a synthetic fiber that’s soft, smooth, ideal for both picking up and depositing makeup and easier to keep clean.

Not content with that improvement, he streamlined the entire brush by eliminating the ferrule (the metal band that attaches the bristles to the handle) and the wood handle. Instead, his brushes are made of resin—the same material used in expensive automobile components—and his Nufibre™ bristles are attached directly to the handle, for a more streamlined design.

Moreover, ABT brushes are completely vegetarian. “Many women are rubbing their faces, eyes and lips several times a day with goat, pony or weasel hairs which can contribute to skin sensitivity or allergies,” says Waitesmith. “Even the lacquer for traditional brush handles is made with insect excretions.”

We’re offering these sleek chrome-colored brushes in two sets. The ten-piece set includes a large buffer brush, a blush brush, an angled contour brush, a foundation brush, a brow/lash brush, an eye contour brush, an eye shadow brush, a flat angle brush, a lip brush and a liner brush. The smaller travel set includes the large buffer brush, the blush brush, the eye shadow brush and the lip brush and comes with a carrying case. And to keep them in tip-top condition, we’re also offering ABT’s Foaming Brush Cleanser which works perfectly for both sets. 

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