• 3Seven&8

    from New York, NY

    Bold silhouettes and luxurious Italian leather.

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About 3Seven&8

In the Spring of 2013, 3S8 became a line of accessible luxury handbags. Believing in the the fashion dream, we strive to deliver timeless craftsmanship in the fast-fashion era. We select the most premium Italian leathers and match them with styles that are equipped with intricate details as their utility. Each of our bags is hand crafted and meticulously designed with function and femininity in mind. We don’t believe in saving the drama for evening and special occasions; provocative colors are our neutrals and, dramatic silhouettes are our everyday basics.

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3Seven&8 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Is Your Handbag Sending the Wrong Message About You?


“What’s the point of saving all the glamour for evening?” wonders Christopher Belt of 3Seven&8. This upstart designer believes your bag should be as fabulous as you are, no matter what time of day you’re carrying it.


BY Nancy MacDonell





Mix a country upbringing with a penchant for Art Nouveau and an obsession with quality leather goods and you get 3Seven&8, the handbag line that’s on a mission to make this essential accessory an emblem of glamour. 



The Whole Story


Christopher Belt grew up in rural Arkansas, a place not generally known for instilling a strong design sense. But it was there, amongst the hills, streams and trees of his childhood, that Belt first came to appreciate the curving line, a preference he further refined when he discovered Art Nouveau and the architecture of Antoni Gaudí. Today, he likes to say his sinuous, striking embellished bags are “ahead of the curve.” “The purpose of the product is really simple, but the look is defined by artisanal techniques that take years to master as a craftsman and cannot be imitated,” Belt says.



The Products


3Seven&8’s bags are made of hand-tanned Tuscan leather, nylon thread that will withstand decades of use, and solid nickel hardware, some of it coated with gold. “It’s what we do with these materials that makes the product so miraculous,” says Belt. “Every piece we sell is test and re-tested to guarantee its quality.” And though they’re decorative, 3Seven&8’s bags are engineered to be functional and comfortable, with detachable chain straps equipped with leather shoulder pieces, pockets for handheld devices and place to store keys, and a “theft-proof” envelope design for clutches.  



Five Minutes With 3Seven&8 Creative Director Christopher Belt 


Q: If you won the lottery tomorrow, what would you do?

Christopher Belt: I would invest a portion of it and save a portion of it. But the majority of it I would use to make 3Seven&8 a major power player in the industry.  


Q: What talent would you like to have?

CB: I would like to be able to play the stock market—the talent of knowing what and when to buy and when to sell.


Q: Do you have something you’re superstitious about?

CB: Not in any serious way. Although I’ve found an ironic pattern in my life where anything traditionally associated with bad luck brings me the best luck. Every big opportunity that has been life changing for me, especially in my career has been on Friday the thirteenth. Just about any “freaky” combination of numbers that are considered bad luck or just bad usually signify the advancement of my career.




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