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The only thing better than breathtaking imagery is breathtaking imagery accompanied by moving words, hand selected by an art historian who chose the aforementioned words because of their ability to further breathe life into the pictures. 

Pause. Digest. Continue... 

For the team at 21st Editions fine art publishers, it's all in a day's work. For instance, Huangshan: Poems from the T'ang Dynasty, featuring the photographs of Huangshan, or the “Yellow Mountains” in the southern Anhui province in eastern China, captured acclaimed landscape photographer, Michael Kenna. 

"21st Editor and art historian, John Wood, is a life-long student and collector of Asian art. When he saw Michael’s photographs of Huangshan, he felt that he had found the most beautiful representations of Huangshan that he had seen in either Chinese painting or in any other photographer’s work,” said publisher Steven Albahari.  “The pictures came first, but John, also being a poet, at once knew that the perfect literary compliment to the imagery was the poetry of the T’ang Dynasty.”

The 300-year period in China, from 618 – 907 AD yielded some of the most notable Chinese poetry in history, thousands of them about the scenery at Huangshan. For this piece, Wood brought on Stanton Hager, a renowned translator of classic Chinese and Ancient Latin poetry to marry the poems of Tu Fu, Han Shan (Cold Mountain), Li Po and others with 12 of Kenna's hand-coated and signed platinum prints of Huangshan's jutting peaks, scenery, pine trees, and sunsets. It all comes together in this extraordinary, handmade book, which is available through 21st Editions for $11,500.

Photography-lovers and all art lovers will truly lose themselves in this striking collection of works. Like mountain poet Han Shan once wrote: 

“I love the joys of the mountains, wandering completely free, feeding a crippled body another day, thinking thoughts that go nowhere.”

Enjoy wandering through this one-of-a-kind masterpiece.  



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