L'Atelier du Jour

from New York City, NY

Vibrant decor pillows of handmade fabrics that juxtapose textures and styles

About L'Atelier du Jour

Textile artist Pascale Ouattara traces her fascination with fabric to her upbringing in the north of France, an area that is known for its textile mills. “Fabric was everywhere when I was growing up,” she says. “We had bed sheets with the embroidery that had been made by hand; I remember my grandmother’s armoire with all the linen. I think I became very attuned to fabric because of all that.” When she was 10, her mother bought a sewing machine and Ouattara began making her own clothes.

Though she studied painting at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, she took the sewing machine with her, and after the graduated she returned to her first love, textiles, working first as a costumer and prop maker in the theater and then, after moving to New York, setting up her own textile arts studio in the heart of the garment district. Here she collaborates with stylists who work on photo shoots, creating everything from Bedouin tents to table linens.

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