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AHAlife is a curated marketplace for creative, inspiring objects.

Our mission is to empower designers, artisans and innovators to thrive online and connect people around the world.

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Creativity Is At Risk

The world is rapidly losing generations of artisan craft, along with innovative ideas that could impact our global future.

It’s simply impossible for independent brands to compete against large companies, gain exposure and connect with people who care about their story.

How Does AHAlife Make an Impact?

AHAlife believes the essence of an exceptional object is the story behind it — the people, creative process and inspiration. We provide independent brands with a platform to tell their story and interact with a global community that shares our ethos.

Mi-Kuni inspires gourmet foods and expertly-sourced ingredients.

Co-founded in Vancouver, Canada by Tyler Gray.

Nourish hair from root to tip with Mayan & Aztec herbal remedies.

Founded in Los Angeles, California by Kazu Namise.

The most stunning tents in the world for any outdoor expedition.

Founded in Hamburg, Germany by Stefan Clauss & Stefan Schulze Dieckhoff.

Bold, rich and raw pieces inspired by local artisans in South America.

Founded Colombia by Paula Mendoza.

Whistleblower necklaces that raise awareness for child soldiers in Congo.

Founded in Los Angeles, California by Sean D. Carasso.

Quilted leather and exotic skin cases for iPhones and tablets.

Founded in Stockholm, Sweden by Angela Martarelli’s Italian Family.

What’s Your Role?

We are part of a new generation that’s shifting away from disposable goods and moving towards objects of quality, craftsmanship and meaning.

Join our global community of conscious consumers and discover exceptional objects for all aspects of your life. Every purchase is an opportunity to challenge the status quo by choosing quality over convenience.

\ä-’hä\ interjection

the universal sound of discovery, which leaves you with a temporary feeling of surprise, triumph and euphoria.

… it’s the moment a designer pinpoints a new idea.

… it's curator's reaction to an exceptional find.

… it's the feeling you get when discovering something inspiring.

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